Rental Terms & Conditions

  1. The undersigned (the "renter") agrees to rent the equipment listed in this Rental Agreement for the term and at the rate specified.
  2. The Renter acknowledges that all rented equipment remains the sole property of Flashpoint Photographic Rentals LTD. ("Flashpoint").
  3. The Renter acknowledges that all rented equipment is received in good working condition, and the Renter agrees to notify Flashpoint immediately should any malfunction occur during the rental period.
  4. Flashpoint does not guarantee or assume responsibility for the performance of, or results obtained with the equipment, nor any accidents that may occur during use. The Renter acknowledges that Flashpoint has no specific knowledge of the Renter's requirement and in selecting the equipment the Renter has relied on his/her own judgment.
  5. The Renter is responsible in the event of damage to, or destruction, or complete loss of the rented equipment during the rental period. The Renter agrees to:
    1. Pay for all repair costs plus downtime for damaged equipment.
    2. Pay new replacement cost (to be determined by the manufacturer or reseller) for equipment that is destroyed or lost.
    3. Post a security deposit representing the replacement cost of the rented equipment or supply proof of adequate insurance coverage for this purpose.
  6. Rental days are considered to be 24 hour periods, starting at the time the equipment was reserved for.
  7. Partial days are charged at a full day rate.
  8. No late returns are permitted without the prior consent of Flashpoint.

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